Jane McGonigal TED Talk

Jane McGonigal TED Talk

February 20, 2021
“It seems like a traumatic event can unlock our ability to lead a life with fewer regrets.”

The idea of post-traumatic growth really resonates with me, as it’s become one of the emergent themes of my comic. When I started writing How Mom Died, I had merely planned to tell a helpful story outlining the pitfalls and surprises that await would-be caregivers, especially when the person in need of care falls in a grey area of coverage like my mom did. Slowly, the story has enlightened me to the ways that my experience as a caregiver led me to a path of compassion. I think we all face a choice between letting painful experiences drag us into darker places or using them grow, spiritually.

Anyway, looking through the lens of karma, some would say that no matter what you choose, your soul will still learn the lessons it needs to. I do think that our spiritual growth continues long after the vessel dies. Impermanence is just resilience in disguise.


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